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Thermoform Tooling

Thermoform Tooling

LMP will manufacture custom thermoform prototype or production tooling for your:

  • Single Stage Thermoforming Machines

  • Rotary Thermoforming Machines

  • Continuous Feed or Roll Fed Thermoforming Machines

Manufactured to meet your process needs including:

  • Thin Sheet Thermoforming

  • Single Sheet Thermoforming

  • Twin Sheet Thermoforming

  • Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

  • Pressure Forming

  • Matched Die Forming

Thermoform Tooling

Example Parts


Tooling Features
Thermoform tooling can be either single cavity or multi-cavity tools. They can be designed as either the male or female pattern to the final part. No ejector systems are needed for thermoformed tooling but temperature control lines are often necessary. Temperature control lines cast into production tooling can be made from:

  • Flexible Stainless Steel tubing - this option more closely follow the contour of the part to provide better temperature control

  • Rigid Copper plumbing

Manifolds and inlet/outlet connections are also included with temperature control lines for thermoform tooling.


Venting features (vent holes, vent patterns) are included per customer specification. Hole size, pattern and location can all be customized based on the tooling requirements.

Thermoform tool surface finishes can range from bench smoothed to a sand blasted finished to polished finish. Surface characteristics are dependent on customer requirements.

Available Part, Pattern, Tooling and Mold Materials
Production run thermoform tooling can be made from Cast Aluminum. Applications needing only short-run, prototype or sample tooling can have tools made from tooling boards, wood, epoxy and 2-part resins. This temporary tooling will not have any temperature control lines included but can be placed on cooling plates provided by LMP or the former.


Factors Effecting Pattern Construction
LMP will construct tooling based on our customers' end-part drawing and thermoforming equipment. Necessary information needed before tool manufacturing include:

  •  Flange Size/Location

  • Platten size

  • Depth of vacuum box

  • Legs (height of tool) - a C- or I-Channel is usually beneath the tool


Part Size Limitations
LMP can handle any size thermoform tooling project our customers have. We have worked on projects as small as 10" x 12" up to 5' x 10' tools. Please contact us with any thermoform tooling project you might have.


Machining Tolerances
Tolerances for thermoform tooling are standard cast tolerances. If tighter tolerances are necessary, LMP has the ability to produce features with tolerances +/- .005” using conventional and CNC machine tools after the casting process.


Secondary Operations
LMP can provide compatible parts to work with our tooling if necessary.

  • Plug Assists- blocks shaped with the inverse contour of the tool to help push the thermoformed material into the mold.

We can also provide services including:

  • Plumbing Maintenance - for the temperature control line systems

  • Tool Maintenance & Repair

  • Tool Modifications

Compatible Equipment
Thermoform tooling can be made to the specification of our customers' individual equipment. LMP has worked with single stage, rotary, continuous feed or roll fed equipment.


Preferred Drawing Submission
We support DWG, DXF, IGES, DSN, SCPRT, x_t and other customer files utilizing our Surfcam software and can arrange for file conversion of any program we do not currently support.



LMP uses Surfcam CAD/CAM Software for all tooling design and fabrication.

In-House Equipment
Motionmaster 60 x 60 x 30 CNC 5-axis router (2)
Thermwood 60 x 120 3-axis CNC
Freyer 30 X 60 X 30 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
Cintimatic 18 X 30 X 18 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
Wadkins Vertical Turning Center

Industries Served
Classic/General Manufacturing
Lawn and Garden
Specialty Transportation

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