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Lorain Modern Pattern, Inc.

Lorain Modern Pattern, Inc. (LMP) has been producing custom-built patterns, prototypes, models and production masters for over three decades.

We combine old fashioned values like excellence in customer service, fast turnaround times and "getting it right the first time" with modern technology. LMP's CNC machining centers allow us to cut directly from your data file, and our Surfcam software allows us to efficiently manipulate the file to add necessary additional features. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction have earned us a superior reputation in our industry for two generations.


LMP was recently awarded contracts which involved the construction of several simulation models to be used at the NASA John Glenn Space Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Astronauts will be placed in a simulated environment and required to perform the actual tasks necessary during space flight. The tolerances necessary for realistic recreation of the flight models, presented challenges requiring new twists on existing modeling methods.


First LMP machined a foam mold on our 5-axis router. The mold was then sprayed with a coating which provides a durable polished finish. LMP manufactured the chamber in quarter sections poured of polyurethane around the CNC lathe machined stainless steel window ring assembly. The dome was completed with the use of a full mold. Several loose pieces were required, allowing the part to draw out of the mold. Both the window chamber and the end dome contained numerous machined stainless inserts incorporated into the part in the molding process.

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NASA space shuttle
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