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Rotomold / Rotational Mold Tooling

LMP creates production rotational mold tooling for any application.


Rotational molding is used for hollow, large scale parts. Rotomolded parts can either be single wall or double wall depending on the mold construction and customer specifications. Rotomolding is a popular method of creating tanks, shelving and other common large parts. Due to the Rotomold process, the molds come welded to frames for insertion into ovens.


LMP will provide cast or machined aluminum rotomolds that are manufactured to meet production, budget and time requirements. Along with manufacturing the molds and tooling in-house, we also tackle mold repairs and modifications.

Rotational Mold Tooling

Example Parts


Tooling Features
Rotomolds are mounted to frames for insertion into ovens. The molds can be 2-piece molds or they can have multiple pieces. The mold sections can be clamped together either by clamping or with bolts and receivers on parting.

The parting line is either a pin and bushing or tongue and groove parting line. The tongue and groove molds are more expensive however they provide a definitive fit over pin and bushing parting lines.

For multiple piece molds, hinged sections can be made as well as draw out pieces. For double wall parts, a kiss-off is manufactured within the mold.

Available Part, Pattern, Tooling and Mold Materials
Production run rotational molds are made from cast aluminum or aluminum billet that is CNC machined to size and mold cavity dimensions.

A variety of internal finishes can be applied to customer specifications. Mold cavity surface finishes include:


  • Standard Shop Blast surface

  • Sand Blast surface

  • Mirror Polish finish

  • PTFE coating

Porosity can be controlled in the mold by the introduction of different internal finishes or coatings. LMP has the ability to provide rotomolds with 0% porosity.

Part Size Limitations
LMP has created Rotomold tooling for parts as small as 4" x 6" x 8" up to a single mold for a 6' tall shelf unit.


Machining Tolerances
We can machine your mold or pattern with industry standard tolerances of ±0.030 in. as well as work to ±0.001 if necessary.


Secondary Operations
On top of providing the tooling for Reaction Injection Molding, LMP can also provide services including:


  • Re-Coating of the Mold

  • Mold Maintenance & Repair

  • Mold Modifications


Besides manual and CNC machining, LMP can perform secondary operations to achieve tighter tolerances, different finish characteristics or geometries that would not be possible with traditional machining methods. These operations include:


  • Wire EDM

  • Water Jet Cutting

  • Welding

  • Framing

  • Sand Blasting

  • Hand Benching


Production Volume
LMP provides custom built to specification tooling- typically in a single quantity. We also specialize in short production runs of up to 50 pieces.


Preferred Drawing Submission
We support DWG, DXF, IGES, DSN, SCPRT, x_t and other customer files utilizing our Surfcam software and can arrange for file conversion of any program we do not currently support.


LMP uses Surfcam CAD/CAM Software for all tooling design and fabrication.


In-House Equipment
Motionmaster 60 x 60 x 30 CNC 5-axis router (2)
Thermwood 60 x 120 3-axis CNC
Freyer 30 X 60 X 30 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
Cintimatic 18 X 30 X 18 3-axis Vertical Machining Center
Wadkins Vertical Turning Center


Industries Served
Classic Manufacturing
Recreational / Toy
Tank / Container

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